AudioScience ASI6044 Multichannel Pro Broadcast Balanced Audio Sound Card 6044 [Used]
AudioScience ASI6044 Multichannel Pro Broadcast Balanced Audio Sound Card 6044 [Used]
AudioScience ASI6044 Multichannel Pro Broadcast Balanced Audio Sound Card 6044 [Used]
AudioScience ASI6044 Multichannel Pro Broadcast Balanced Audio Sound Card 6044 [Used]

AudioScience ASI6044 Multichannel Pro Broadcast Balanced Audio Sound Card 6044 [Used]

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AudioScience ASI 6044 Professional Audio Sound Card for Production or Broadcast • Bare Card, No Cables Included • Native MP3 Hardware Based Decoding

Item is used and has been tested to confirm that it is fully working. A copy of the test results will be included in the package.  No breakout cable is included but if required I may also have the ASI BOB1024 Breakout boxes available (in a separate listing) as a great way of interfacing your console to this card.

Usually Sells for $1,595!


In summary, AudioScience cards are purpose-designed for multichannel broadcast use. They are supported by most of the main playout and automation software packages straight out of the box and allow each multiple streams each to have its own independent channel with the level controlled either by the software or by the fader on the console.

Having four independent physical playback channels gives you everything you need for the modern studio - three channels can be used to give you triple overlap voicetracking so that your prerecorded link can be played simultaneously over a segue. The remaining channel(s) can then be used for your PFL/Cue - or maybe for the output of your cart wall application. Up to 8 ASI cards can coexist a single system giving you almost limitless permutations of record and playback channels.

The reasons that this card is sought after are:

  • Not only can you multiple audio files simultaneously, but you can also simultaneously incoming audio, so your software can do such things as record an upcoming show off a satellite feed, record a phoner segment to hard drive for editing and playback, or for a skimmer recording for DJ coaching.
  • The card will perform decoding of mp3 files using the hardware on the card - reducing the load on the playout machine's CPU.
  • This card will perform timescaling in real time with no shift in pitch allowing your software to ensure that all program segments run to their allotted time - to the second.


The ASI6044 features four balanced stereo outputs, four balanced stereo inputs, four record streams and four or nine play streams. As well as MP3, other format choices include MPEG Layer 2 and linear PCM. The analog circuitry uses 24 bit over sampling converters to deliver more than 100dB of dynamic range with THD+N better than 0.002%.

Featuring a new level of signal processing at this price point, the adapter supports AudioScience’s MRX and TSX technology. MRX enables playback, recording and digital mixing of multiple audio streams of any sample rate to a 1Hz precision. TSX time scaling can be used on any of the audio playback streams to expand or compress audio in real-time by up to 20%, while preserving pitch and clarity


  • Four/nine stereo streams of playback into four stereo outputs
  • Four stereo stream of record from four stereo inputs.
  • Formats include PCM16, MPEG layer 2 and MP3.
  • MRX technology supports digital mixing of multiple stream formats and sample rates.
  • TSX timescaling allows compression/expansion of play strams by upto +/-20 with no pitch shift.
  • Four balanced stereo analog outputs. Four balanced stereo analog inputs.
  • 24bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters: 100dB SNR and 0.002% THD+N
  • SoundGuard transient voltage suppression protects against lightning and other high voltage surges on all I/O
  • Up to 8 cards in one system.
  • Windows 2000,XP and Linux software drivers available.

The Diagram below provides a logical representation of the card's inputs and outputs.

Signal quality is beyond reproach with Pro standard +4dB analog signals being supported with lots of extra headroom. Output can be adjusted down to -10dB consumer levels using the control applet if you want to interface to unbalanced gear.


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