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Datum 9390-6000 ExacTime GPS Date Fix Firmware Update Epoch Clock Symmetricom [Used]

( 9390FW) )

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Datum Symmetricom 9390-6000 ExacTime GPS Clock Firmware

EEPROM Version DT101E • Firmware Upgrade Chip • Fixes "Wrong Date" Issue



Used, in good condition and believed fully working, but I have not been able to test this firmware since the April 2019 GPS week number roll-over event (although usually roll-over issues occur on the 1024 week anniversary of the firmware's compilation date and not the date that the system goes through roll-over)


Here's a used EEPROM firmware chip from a Datum 9390-6XXX GPS disciplined clock/function generator. This is taken from a unit that was parted out shortly after the firmware had been updated to the most recent version.

If your unit shows GPS lock and the correct time, but has the wrong date (ie. the wrong day number appears on the display) then this upgrade should fix the issue which is caused by your unit believing that it's in the previous GPS epoch.

You just need to disconnect the power cord, open the top of the case and very carefully prise out the old chip and pop in this one. The unit will perform a cold reset when power is reapplied and after the initial calibration sequence completes you should be back in the right decade.

This upgrade will not fix a unit that doesn't receive the GPS signal correctly so if you don't see the correct time on your unit then that most likely won't change by updating the firmware.

The folks at Symmetricom will no longer help you perform this upgrade as these units are no longer supported and the memory chips are no longer sold by the manufacturer. They'd rather sell you a new unit which would be nice if you have the budget, but my approach will allow you to extend the working life of your current unit for tiny fraction of the cost of modern replacement.

I have no affiliation with Symmetricom and I can't provide you with technical support on the code on the memory chip. My guarantee is that I will replace the chip if for some reason it doesn't work, buyer pays return postage. The buyer is responsible for performing the chip swap which requires care and electrostatic precautions to be observed. Seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the buyer's unit. For the avoidance of doubt this listing is for an EEPROM chip only, no other hardware is included. It works with the stated model(s) only.

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