Orban Optimod PC1101e 5-Band Digital Audio On-Air Processing PCIe *BARE CARD* [Refurbished]-www.prostudioconnection.com
Orban Optimod PC1101e 5-Band Digital Audio On-Air Processing PCIe *BARE CARD* [Refurbished]-www.prostudioconnection.com
Orban Optimod PC1101e 5-Band Digital Audio On-Air Processing PCIe *BARE CARD* [Refurbished]-www.prostudioconnection.com
Orban Optimod PC1101e 5-Band Digital Audio On-Air Processing PCIe *BARE CARD* [Refurbished]-www.prostudioconnection.com

Orban Optimod PC1101e 5-Band Digital Audio On-Air Processing PCIe *BARE CARD* [Refurbished]

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Tested/Guaranteed • Fully Working • PCIe Card • *** No Cables Included *** • CBS Compliant Limiting • 8500HD Class Processing • 5-Band Multiband AGC/Compressor


A lightly used broadcast on-air processing card which replicates the Orban 8500HD processor in your PC for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated appliance.  The listing comprises the card only.  No cables are included. No unpictured documents, cables or accessories are included. The drivers may be downloaded from the Orban FTP site (ftp://ftp.orban.com/1101). Each card has been tested successfully under Windows 10 64 Bit and a screenshot of the actual card under test will be included in the package.

Orban Optimod-PC 1101 Main Features

  • Dramatically improve audio consistency dynamically with that world-renowned Optimod sound
  • Most universal professional audio card with features not found anywhere else
  • Prevents the top listener complaints: loudness variation and program inconsistency
  • Now two sound cards in one, for professional content/commercial insertion systems, and watermark encoding
  • Dedicated onboard DSP saves host computer CPU cycles for more streaming encoders and ensures against audio gaps or dropouts
  • Network control of audio routing, mixing, and processing
  • CBS Loudness Controller controls subjective loudness to ATSC A/85:2011 and EBU R 128 standards

Full details may be obtained from the Datasheet and Manual


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The Orban Optimod-PC 1101 professional Microsoft Windows audio processing card for PCI bus systems offers dedicated, broadcast-quality digital signal processing on-board for audio processing, mixing, and routing.

Optimod-PC works great for both live streaming and on-demand programming. Its three on-board Freescale DSP56367 DSP chips provide a loud, consistent sound by performing stereo enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC), equalization, multiband gain control, peak-level control, and subjective loudness control.

Optimod-PC's audio driver allows it to appear as two standard sound devices to the computer's operating system. With one Optimod-PC, netcasters can replace selected content (such as commercials in a program originally created for radio broadcast) and inject watermark encoding for ratings. This approach maintains the same audio processing path on both program and inserted audio, delivering a polished, consistent sound while eliminating the number one listener complaint: loud commercials.

Optimod-PC audio processing works with all digital transmission media and channels. It tailors your audio signal to help you compete in audio netcasting, HD Radio (both primary and multicast digital channels), DAB, DRM, and other dedicated digital radio services, FMExtra and other digital subcarriers, mastering, audio production, and many others.

Optimod processing algorithms simultaneously control audio gain and peaks, artistically, musically, and naturally, to give the illusion that processing is not taking place. Optimod algorithms intelligently adapt themselves to the input program material. Once Optimod-PC is tuned for the sound texture required for the broadcast or netcast format (which is made easy by the many format-specific presets), it will provide excellent consistency regardless of the level or texture of the original program material. Its automatic gain control and equalization achieve a consistent sound, while accurate peak control maximizes loudness. Booming bass is tightened; weak, thin bass is brought up; highs are always present and consistent in level.

Optimod-PC is also an excellent mastering processor, offering soft knee multiband compression with knee and ratio controls available separately for each band.

Optimod-PC comes with over 20 great-sounding presets that make it easy to create a sonic texture that's just right for your target audience.



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