Symmetricom Syncserver XLi GPS 'No Sync' WNRO Fix Replacement M12+ Receiver NEW! [New]

Symmetricom Syncserver XLi GPS 'No Sync' WNRO Fix Replacement M12+ Receiver NEW! [New]

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Time/Date Sync Fix for Symmetricom SyncServer, XLi, XL-GPS etc • Replacement GPS Receiver Card • Easy DIY Upgrade • Fresh CR2032 Battery Included

A replacement GPS receiver card for Symmetricom S200/S250/S300/S350 SyncServer, XLi, XL-GPS clocks (and similar units) that lost time sync on 18th September 2022 due to a week number roll over event in the OEM cards supplied by Furuno. This card directly replaces the failed card to restore correct timekeeping. The new card will show the correct date beyond 2037, as well as offering superior time to lock and satellite reception. Here's an affordable way to extend the life of your GPS clock by many years! Also included is a new CR2032 battery which you can replace while you have the lid off the case, if your receiver has one installed.

  • The replacement receiver is a 12 channel precise GPS timing module that gives you nano seconds accuracy of time synchronization.
  • Features included precise, programmable, one-pulse-per-second (1PPS) output.
  • Built with cost effective in mind, you can equip your stationary applications with precise GPS or UTC time synchronization at an affordable cost
  • It also incorporates the Timing RAIM (Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring) algorithm to ensure validity and reliable GPS measurements.
  • High level of performance accuracy of 2 nano seconds.
  • Averages a total of 10,000 valid 2D and 3D position fixes to determine precise position, simplifies system installation for static timing applications.
  • Provide up to 10dBm of immunity, utilizing the Adaptive Tracking Loops algorithm built in the firmware.
  • 1 PPS output can be resolved within only 2 nano seconds of UTC time immediately, reducing noise and accelerating host clock disciplining process.
  • 12 Channel simultaneous operation
  • Fully calibrated to UTC at USNO
  • Performance using clock granularity message
  • < 2nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 6nS 6 Sigma average
  • Performance not using clock granularity message
  • < 10nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 20nS 6 Sigma average

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