Symmetricom SyncServer ublox 'NO SYNC' FIX Replacement GPS Receiver Timing Card
Symmetricom SyncServer ublox 'NO SYNC' FIX Replacement GPS Receiver Timing Card

Symmetricom SyncServer ublox 'NO SYNC' FIX Replacement GPS Receiver Timing Card Module

( ublox_GPS_Upgrade_Card) )

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Note this item is subject to a 7 calendar day return policy from the date that it is delivered, as the sales window is obviously very narrow.  Please only purchase if you accept this constraint. 

A replacement GPS receiver card for Symmetricom SyncServer clocks that lost time sync on 18th September 2022 due to a week number roll over event in the OEM cards supplied by Furuno.  This card directly replaces the failed card to restore correct timekeeping.  You might need to perform a factory reset of the server to reset the internal clock if it no longer shows the right date.  Adding three or more public NTP servers as external time references will also help correct a wrong date being displayed.  I have found that just replacing the card and powering the unit back on seems to work fine most of the time.   The buyer is responsible for installing the card and is expected to have basic engineering skills and tools.  Technical support is not included, but the job is straightforward.  The card is held in place by four screws and provided that care is taken to insert the 10 connection pins on the underside carefully before the screws are re-inserted and to re-connect the antenna pigtail cable by pressing the connector square to the circuit board so as to avoid bending the center pin you should be fine.  I usually reconnect the antenna pigtail cable before guiding the 10 pins into their sockets.  Anti-static precautions should be observed during the procedure and the power cable should be disconnected.  The card may take a little longer than normal to achieve lock when first used as it will need to download the GPS almanac and triangulate its position.  Subsequent cold starts should be quicker (under 30 minutes to lock, with a good antenna).  The card has a production date of 2014 (or later) so it will not experience a week number roll over until 2033 at the earliest.

  • 12 Channel simultaneous operation
  • Fully calibrated to UTC at USNO
  • Performance using clock granularity message
  • < 2nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 6nS 6 Sigma average
  • Performance not using clock granularity message
  • < 10nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 20nS 6 Sigma average
  • 155mW Power consumption

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