VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera
VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera
VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera
VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera
VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera

VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck S-Video ID Card Camera 910-175-125

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VideoLabs ClearOne ID Cam Flexible Gooseneck PAL S-Video Student Camera 910-175-125

New Old Stock • Was $699 • Camera Only, No Accessories


This camera is ideal for capturing images of people to make id badges or to maintain an image database of employees, students and visitors.

The camera has a 16mm C-Mount interchangeable lens that gives proper head-to-shoulder framing of a person from a distance of 4 to 8 feet.

The camera has a two-button manual iris control that adjusts to any lighting environment - no need for an external flash.

Full details may be obtained from the User Manual.

The FlexCam,TeachCam, StudentCam and IDCam connect to video display devices (TV, VCR, projector, etc.) using the 6' cable audio and S-video cable (20' included with the StudentCam and TeachCam).The cameras can also be connected to a computer using the USB adapter (not included).

To connect camera to a TV, VCR or projector

  1. Connect the S-video and audio plugs to the S-video and audio out jacks on the camera base.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the audio and S-video jacks on the video display device. Note: If the TV or VCR does not have S-video capabilities and requires a composite signal, connect the S-video to Composite Adapter to the S-video cable and plug it into the RCA jack on the TV or VCR.
  3. Plug the power supply into an electrical outlet or grounded power strip. Connect the power supply cable to the camera.
  4. To connect camera to a computer When connecting to a computer, ensure that the video capture card and all necessary software programs and drivers are installed correctly. Consult the user manual for your video capture card or USB adapter for instructions on connecting the camera.

To the best of my knowledge this camera has never been used. The factory sealed packaging is still in place. Therefore I have not tested the camera but I will take a return if it isn't working to spec. The listing is for the bare camera only - a power supply (generic 12V) and cables are not included. Only the accessories shown in the images are included. The camera provides output in PAL format. This camera will need a video capture device if its output is to be connected to a computer.

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The power supply is not included but here's the model that I believe shipped with these cameras, so you can check the spec:

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