Orban PC1122 Opticodec PC PC1010 PE Streaming Software & PC1101e PCIe Optimod Card Bundle

Opticodec-PC offers MPEG-4 AACv2 aacPlus encoding for high quality streaming audio. It is ideally suited for broadcast streaming, netcasting, podcast etc.  Obtain entertainment-quality sound at economical bit-rates, from a highly affordable plug in card, for a small fraction of the cost of a dedicated streaming encoder.

Streams encoded with Opticodec-PC can be played by Adobe Flash, RealPlayer, Winamp, Apple QuickTime and iTunes.  This allows Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder to deliver and reach the largest high-fidelity audio audience available.

The included Optimod-PC1101 is a broadcast audio processor on a PCIe add-in computer sound card.  The card offers 5 bands of 8500HD Class processing for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated appliance.  Drivers for Windows and Linux are available.  The card appears as a normal sound card under windows making it ideal for podcasting streaming applications. The 1101e can be configured as 2 sound devices, ideal for ad insertion.

It offers both AES Digital and Balanced Analog Inputs and Outputs via the optional XLR PC1101 Breakout Cable.

CBS Loudness Controller and Loudness Meter included.